The Commuter Challenge

1 December 2015

The December 2015 Challenge

by CC @ 00:01

This month is the second half of the Long Form Challenge.

The Results

Brian Raiter

Progress Reports

December 1-7

  • “Making a keyboard 2: Paint the keys with a single symbol”: DONE
    I have completed the painting of the keys that display a single symbol, namely 26 letter keys, the arrow keys, and a few miscellaneous keys like backspace and shift. I also painted the 12 function keys, but I painted them in the wrong corner (lower-right instead of upper-left), so I may wind up re-painting them.

December 8-14

  • “Making a keyboard 3: Paint all of the remaining main keys”: DONE
    I’ve painted all the keys that contain two stacked symbols, i.e. the numbers and punctuation. This completes all of the keys that correspond directly to characters.
  • “Making a keyboard 4: Paint the larger command keys”: DONE
    I’ve also finished painting all of the oversized keys with multiple characters (ctrl, alt, tab, capslock). What remains are the keys that have extended text but are the size of the regular keys. These require a finer line than I’ve been able to paint so far.

December 15-21

  • “Making a keyboard 5: Paint all of the smaller command keys”: DONE
    After experiments with a few different techniques, I managed to get a fine enough line from my brushwork to complete the remaining keys. The painting of all 103 keys is complete (omitting the space bar).

December 22-29

  • “Making a keyboard 6: Miscellaneous finishing work”: DONE
    I’ve completed all the remaining tasks on the keyboard. This included painting over the labels on the keyboard body for the LEDs (and painting new ones), spraying the keys with a matte clear-coat finish to protect them, and finally reassembling the finished keyboard and verifying that it worked correctly.
Ryan Finholm

Progress Report

  • Goal: Update the Jerkatorium logo/image.



  • Goal: Submit songs to, without skipping any two fights in a row.

    Done – The Rat Brain, Day of the Dead, The War On, and Meat Grinder. We won the Day of the Dead fight, details/information about each fight at the Jerkatorium blog.

  • Goal: Submit Song Fight cover art for at least one fight per month.

    Done for The Rat Brain, The War On and Fearless Love.


    Each submitted image was chosen as the cover art for the associated fight.

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  1. I wasn’t organized enough to have any photos of my creative results by the end of December, but I’ve since remedied that. Visit to see photos of the keyboard and a more detailed description of the process.

    by Brian — 13 January 2016 @ 02:52