The Commuter Challenge

3 October 2015

The October 2015 Challenge

by CC @ 10:30

The October 2015 Commuter Challenge is to generate “cover art” for at least one October 2015 Song Fight.

To participate in this Commuter Challenge you do not actually have to submit cover art for consideration at, nor do you need to meet the submission deadlines, but you do have to follow their general submission guidelines.

Approximately every 12 days a new Song Fight title is posted at The main aim of Song Fight is for people to compose and submit songs with that title, but cover art is also generated for each title. The cover art consists of an image that is ostensibly related to the Song Fight title, and most often includes the text of the title within the image. Sometimes the words “Song Fight!” also appear in the image, but that is not mandatory.

The image must be submitted as JPG images in three sizes: 400×400 pixels, 150×150 pixels, and 100×100 pixels. The different versions can simply be the same image in different sizes, or they can be variations on the theme. The size limitations may affect the resolution of the cover art, so keep that in mind while designing your entries – the ‘front page’ cover art is the 150×150 pixel size, so fine details may be lost if you need to reduce the image size to fit the guidelines, and you should ensure that any text in the images is legible at each size. For examples, see any of the hundreds of entries for previous Song Fights.

For this Commuter Challenge, any entry or entries are due by midnight, October 31st. If you would also like your images to be considered for the actual cover art at, those must be submitted to that website by their due dates, typically within a day or two after the due date of each song.

The Results

Brian Raiter

Day of the Dead

Ryan Finholm

Rat Brain

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