The Commuter Challenge

1 October 2014

The October 2014 Challenge

by CC @ 11:30

This month is the first phase of the Long Form Challenge. The specific goals for each participant are:

  • Tyler Zahnke: Have a draft of the novel completed.
  • Ryan Finholm: Submit demo versions of two songs.
  • Brian Raiter: Write a design document for the program.

The Results

Brian Raiter

Goal: Organize my existing ideas into a design document.

Result: Completed. Here is the current draft of my design document.

Learn the Erlang programming language.

Result: Incomplete. I have been learning the language, but I am not at the level that I had hoped to be by the end of October. I will need to make up lost ground in November.

Stretch Goal: Write a prototype in a high-level language.

Result: N/A.

Ryan Finholm

Goal: Submit demo versions of two songs.

Result: Butterfly (Candyshoppe cover) and Untitled

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