The Commuter Challenge

2 September 2011

The September 2011 Challenge

by CC @ 00:23

Create an addition, or tribute, or parody, of/to any internet meme. Create a photoshopped “All your base are belong to us” image. Make a demotivational poster. Do some unnecessary censorship. Re-dub a few minutes of a nature documentary. Or create something totally new that you just know is going to go viral on the internet.

Too easy? Then do more than one.

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Ryan Finholm

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Brian Raiter

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  1. As Commuter Challenges go, this one wasn’t terribly challenging. But I had no end of fun with it. Unlike most challenges, I worked on it throughout the month, doing a little bit nearly every day. We should perhaps have fun, easygoing challenges like this one a little more often.

    by Brian — 30 September 2011 @ 22:30

  2. Agreed. I did a fair amount of footwork to make something for YouTube (unnecessary censorship and/or creative re-dubbing), but when nothing came together it was nice to have the templates to fall back on.

    Even though there are hundreds and hundreds of memes out there, I’m surprised we didn’t have any meme template overlap between us. I was concerned that it might be an all-philosoraptor CC month.

    And Don, if you ever look at this stuff: Yes, that is your cat. I found his pic on the interwebs.

    by RyanF — 30 September 2011 @ 22:49

  3. And for the record, I did hours and hours of internet meme research for the CC this month and yet I only recognize three of Brian’s internet meme formats (gtfo, yo dawg, and nyan cat). Still hilarious.

    by RyanF — 30 September 2011 @ 22:57

  4. I feel compelled to document my references, since half of them will probably be lost to the sands of history before long.

    1: Straight up implementation of “haters to the left”. Nothing added.
    2: Taking a very old meme (“No, you can’t have a pony”) and reversing it. Plus a bonus reference to My Little Pony.
    3: Basic “tits or gtfo” inappropriateness. The two guys are boxers. Boxers apparently do a fair bit of blustering inbetween actual matches.
    4: The OMG character.
    5: I’m trusting that Nathan Fillon is a popular enough actor that most people will know that he does this TV show where he plays a character named Rick Castle.
    6: Reference to the Bear Grylls meme, cross-bred with a lolcat.
    7: The video is from a well-publicized incident where bystanders came to the rescue of a motorcyclist trapped under a burning car after crashing with it. The Challenge Accepted phrase is usually used more ironically, with minor everyday challenges (in order to play off the overly dramatic response), so I may be pushing it with this one. But it seemed the perfect phrase for that moment when everyone first rushes the car.
    8: Yo Dawg. This was inspired solely by coming up with a verb that sounded like “drive”.
    9: Not really a meme, just a silly joke.
    10: A reference to “Your Argument is Invalid” images.
    11: A Cereal Guy template entry. Zaboomafoo is a kid’s show about a talking lemur. In the formulaic manner typical of children’s TV, every episode Zaboo reminisces about his life in Zaboo-land before he came to Animal Junction.
    12: Nyancat. Reference to the faster-than-light neutrinos report from CERN this month. For a while I was worried that they were going to explain them away before the 30th, but lucky for me the cause of the anomalous measurement is still being investigated.

    by Brian — 30 September 2011 @ 23:57

  5. #5 is a winner. You should post it to the CASTLE websites. Other references to Nathan Fillion can be found in webcomics regarding powered skateboards.

    by Graham — 22 October 2011 @ 04:08