The Commuter Challenge

3 May 2007

The May 2007 Challenge

by CC @ 11:30

For this month, we’re turning back to illustration. The challenge is to create a depiction of machinery. No other explicit constraint is offered, other than that it be two-dimensional. Use the medium of your choice: ink, paint, pencil, crayon, needlepoint sampler, Photoshop, ASCII graphics … whatever you enjoy working in most.

The Results

Brian Raiter

Core Memory

Ryan Finholm

Oil Pump

Sam Bleckley

Mechanism Which Designs Itself

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  1. Once again, I fell down on the illustration challenge: I put off getting started, so I had to rush something out at the last minute. The original photograph that I drew from continues upward (or downward?), showing the array of wires terminating at a line of pins, which then lead to a tangle of capacitors. I was drawn to the photograph by the contrast of the more-or-less regular array of cores connected to a rat’s nest of black barrels. Unfortunately, I realized after I finished the cores that I didn’t really have any way of rendering the metal pins, or the tan resin board they were mounted on, in my chosen medium of pen-and-pencil. Had I left more time at the end, I probably could have pulled something together with colored pencils, but as it was I had to be satisfied with it as it was. (And no, I did not consider leaving out the pins to be a valid option. The whole drawing becomes completely pointless for me if it isn’t accurate.)

    by breadbox — 15 February 2008 @ 21:11