The Commuter Challenge

1 January 2007

The January 2007 Challenge

by CC @ 22:26

Design one or more cards. Create and submit a new design for a playing card, or Tarot card, or any kind of card. For example, you can draw your own version/interpretation of the King of Hearts. If you want to do more, re-design the Queen of Hearts and Jack of Hearts, too, or even more cards. Or get extra creative and design an entirely new facecard, like the Bishop, and create designs for one or more suits. Or make a new suit, like the ankh or fleur de lis, and design cards for the suit. Use whatever medium you like: ink on paper, watercolors, photoshop, collage, pencil on bar napkin, embroidery, crayons, ASCII graphics, anything.

The Results

Ryan Finholm

Brian Raiter

Brian didn’t finish the challenge.


  1. For some reason I always put off doing the drawing challenges. They intimidate me; I don’t know why. In this case I didn’t leave enough time at the end to finish, and I only got as far as measuring out the placement of the elements. But I still hope to finish it one day.

    by breadbox — 12 February 2008 @ 06:50

  2. When we decided to do this challenge, I’d just assumed that I’d do something weirder, like making my own suit, or a different facecard, or both – like making a card for the bishop of Ankhs, for example. Then I got stuck on the idea of making a happy squirrel tarot card, and was looking into a bunch of different possible designs for that. I’m still not sure why I decided on the King of Spades. I keep telling myself that I’m not going to do any more woodcut portraits, but then I go ahead and do them anyway. BTW, that’s supposed to look like my dad (it doesn’t actually look like him, though).

    by RyanF — 26 February 2008 @ 22:46